Tennessee Girls Lacrosse Club
Providing the highest level of lacrosse competition and experience for girls in Tennessee at the high school and middle school levels.

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     2018 Roster 

Class of 2019

Amanda Amorese (JPII)

Emma Bonamie (Nolensville)
Jolee Davis (Seymour)

Aysha Dean (Webb)

Margaret Gleason (Ravenwood)

Giselle Gonzalez (St. Cecilia)

Jaylee Griffin (Seymour)

Mary Caroline Hayles (Harpeth Hall) 

Mattie Hargis (Brentwood)

Blakely Harrison (Houston)

Olivia Holden (Harpeth Hall) 

Brooke Johnson (Cookeville)

Caroline Joy (CAK)

Olivia McCarrell (Seymour)

Lauren McKean (Brentwood)

Annie Plotts (Page)

Caitlin O'Brien (GPS)

Lauren Schwarz (Father Ryan)

Morgan Smith (Houston)

Mackenzie Strobel (Father Ryan)

Class of 2020

Sela Andrews (Harpeth Hall)

Madi Bagsby (JPII)

Isabel Balmer (Harpeth Hall)

Hailey Carroll (CAK)

Cooper Mae Cavallo (Harpeth Hall)

Alex Center (GPS)

Stefanie Chiguluri (Harpeth Hall)

Ashley Gleeson (Franklin)

Annie Griffin (Harpeth Hall)

Eads Hooper (Harpeth Hall)

Walker McKnight (Harpeth Hall)

Margaret Morris (Harpeth Hall)

Grace Lee Paden (Franklin)

Jessica Ross (Harpeth Hall)

Ellie Slagle (Harpeth Hall)

Elizabeth Smith (Page)

Lily Wilmoth (Harpeth Hall)

Class of 2021

Kenzie Cates (Seymour)
Grace Creech (Brentwood)
Leann Faour (Webb)

Abbie Gallagher (Webb)

Blair Jarvis (Briarcrest)

Reagan Killebrew (Houston)

Andie McConnell (Ravenwood)
Lauren Nicholson (Brentwood)
Mackenzie Sherrod (Seymour)

Audrey Still (Hutchison)

Josie Ward (Franklin)
Mary Neely Young (Harpeth Hall)

Class of 2022

Alyssa Bird (Woodland)

Emily Dotson (Baylor)

Megan England (Page)

Cate Frist (Harding Academy)

Izze Gill (Ensworth)

Jenna Gillis (Ellis)

Avery Guay (Woodland)

Caroline McGuire (Harding Academy)

Caroline McKnight (Harpeth Hall)

Ella McWhorter (Harding Academy)

Erin Nicholson (Brentwood)

Erika Petterson (Brentwood)

Stephanie Shupe (Woodland)

Claire Slagle (Harding Academy)

Nikayah Solomon (Oliver)

Elizabeth Weaver (Webb)

Brooklyn Wheelon (Webb)

Cassidy Yoder (Brentwood)

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TNLAX also offers opportunities to girls that are not on the TNLAX team through leagues and clinics.  Please check out our website for more information on these opportunities for elementary, middle and high school girls under the Fall Ball and Fiddle Stix tabs!  These are great opportunities to improve your game in the off season!  

For more information CONTACT TNLAX HERE