Tennessee Girls Lacrosse Club
Providing the highest level of lacrosse competition and experience for girls in Tennessee at the high school and middle school levels.

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TNLAX Policies, Dues and Fees




  1. TNLAX is a private, travel lacrosse club.  Membership on the team is determined by tryouts and renewed on an annual basis.


  1. Membership is paid annually and covers twenty 2 hour practices which include field rentals and coaches fees.  Membership fees also cover uniforms, administrative and other miscellaneous needs.  This fee gives you access to Sports Recruits.  The TNLAX season will run from January to November. The membership fee of $800 is due at the first practice in January.  Dues can be paid in cash, check or by Venmo (@Megan-Clark-142).  Checks payable to TNLAX.


  1. Players should attend all scheduled practices; however if this is not possible it is the players responsibility to contact their coach by phone or email to notify her that they will not be attending practice at least 48 hours prior, unless of emergencies.  If a player misses 2 practices without notifying coaches, the player will be suspended for a practice. 


  1. All travel and accommodations for tournaments are the responsibility of the player’s family and are a separate charge from club fees.  All tournaments will incur a fee and that amount will vary.  Tournament fees are broken down by the number of player’s attending the tournament.  We will block hotel rooms for the tournaments, but it’s up to each member to book their own hotel, flight or rental car if needed. 


  1. Once you make a commitment to a tournament, there will be a non refundable deposit due.  This deposit will cover the tournament deposit at the time of registration.  The non refundable deposit will be $100 per tournament.  The non refundable deposit will then be deducted from the final tournament fee. 


  1. During tournaments the coach will be responsible for the players while the team is on the field and during play.  Parents will be accountable at all other times; between games, before and after games, while they are in the hotel and transporting them to and from the hotel and fields.  If this is not possible please make arrangements with another TNLAX family.


  1.  We will set due dates for final payments for each tournament.  There will be a $25 late fee, if received past that date. 
  2. All players must be US Lacrosse Members.  http://www.uslacrosse.org
  3. Players are NOT allowed to double roster with other club teams at tournaments.  If you are caught doing so  during tournaments this may result in you being dismissed from the TNLAX program.  


By paying membership dues you are showing acknowledgement and acceptance of TNLAX policies that are in place for the season!