Tennessee Girls Lacrosse Club
Providing the highest level of lacrosse competition and experience for girls in Tennessee at the high school and middle school levels.

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What players and parents are saying about TNLAX!

"TNLAX is a great investment that allows skilled players to get together for fun, but a competitive atmosphere.  It gives players from all over the region and all different schools a chance to practice and compete together and enjoy lacrosse in their off season.  With trips, cookouts and camaraderie between the players and parents, TNLAX offers a family atmosphere that makes it clearly the best travel team we have ever been a part of!" - Matthew and Linda Lascara

"Megan runs a fantastic program with high quality coaches who provide individual attention.  Three of my daughters have participated over the years.  They made friends, played great competition both in practice and tournaments and improved their skills immensely."  - Ed Leonard

No question that the TNLAX experience is very beneficial for both my daughters in lots of ways.  I think it is even that much better based on your leadership and caring so we appreciate your efforts a great deal.  Thanks so much for all that you do on behalf of girls lacrosse in Tennessee!"  - Joe Gleeson 

"I want to encourage everyone to play TNLAX! I wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for this team! I play 50% because I like lacrosse, and 50% because the actual team is incredibly close and I love spending time with everyone. I have made some of my best friends through this team. You travel together, stay in dorms together at camps, struggle at camps when everyone is exhausted, have late night talks together... Basically, I have had more fun playing TNLAX than anything else. It is not a huge time commitment, but you get a lot out of it. Plus, the coaches are awesome!" - Katie Zimmerman Ensworth High School 2011

"It is because of Megan Clark, her assistants, and the TNLAX team, Katie has been able to gain the skills and experience to play at the high school and college level. Megan's knowledge of college recruitment is invaluable to the TNLAX players and parents.  The TNLAX experience has far exceeded our expectations and has been the most positive sports experience of all our girls. Katie can't wait to go to practice, loves taking privates from Megan, playing the tournaments, and hanging out with the girls from 14 different schools on the weekends. Truly, we can't say enough wonderful things about what Megan has done for TNLAX and the lacrosse community." - Leigh Zimmerman

"TNLAX made a huge difference in our lives as a family.  Our daughters Desiree, Cheryse, and Jaymie have all received lacrosse scholarships due to their time with the TNLAX program. Over the five years we've been with this program our girls have steadily improved and become solid all around lacrosse players, which made them more appealing to many college coaches. TNLAX also provides an atmosphere of team bonding which brings many families together to support these young athletes.  Megan and her staff have a passion for the game and that has made this a great experience for us.  Go TNLAX!!!" - Desmond Cox

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