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Sample Letter to College Coaches

Title: Sally Nashville, Lacrosse Recruit, 2010




Dear Coach Smith,


My name is, Sally Nashville, and I am a junior midfielder at South River High School in Nashville, Tennessee.  It is my hope to play lacrosse in college and the University of Lacrosse is among my top choices.  I would greatly appreciate if you could send me any information about your program and your university.  Additionally, I have attached an athletic resume as well as well as my high school schedule and information on my club team for your review.  I play for the TNLAX Club team and wear number 25.  I hope you will have the opportunity to see me play at upcoming tournaments.  Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Best of luck in your season!




Sally Nashville

1414 Lynnbrook Road

Nashville, TN  37212

Cell: 615 -545 -4567


Email: sallyn@southriver.edu



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